Saturday, May 17, 2008

The World is His Paperweight

The World is my paperweight
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My mother-in-law hosted a nice dinner party for The Happy Couple last night to celebrate their imminent graduation from high school.
My son, being an unconvential kind of guy, is difficult to buy presents for. I know what the girlfriend is getting him, but to him it's still a secret. I just hope her got her something. If not, look out below!
One of his grade school teachers came over to hang around and offer congratulations. She gave him a glass paper weight representing the world that is before him. She wrote to him that he should keep it on his desk to remind him that no matter where he goes in the world, there are people who love him back at home. That's pretty nice, and pretty conventional.
He seemed to appreciate it along with some of the other gifts he got. If the truth is known, though, he liked the money best.
Happy graduation.
For those of you who stop in here periodically to look for news about my wife's mother, here's a photo for you. She had a good belly laugh last night during the party, which was good to see. She's still adjusting to life without her husband. That will take a while. They were together for a half-century and married for 48 years.
I'll tell you what she was laughing about. Between dinner and dessert, she decided she needed to let her golden retrievers out into the yard, freeing them from their dinner party prison in the back of the house. One of them came charging directly to the table and snatched a piece of bread right off the teacher's dinner plate. It was so sudden an unexpected, you couldn't help but laugh. The best part, though, was when my 81-year-old father saw the dog headed his way. There was a piece of prime steak still on his plate. He elbowed the dog right in the noggin.
The dinner plates were cleared after all the commotion, except for my dad who had to hang on to his for a while to finish what he started. You appreciate you dinner a little more when you have to fight for it.

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Unknown said...

That's a cute story about your dad and the dog. I always like hearing about people's pets. How's your overweight cat doing?