Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Official: I'm Old

Empty Feeder
Originally uploaded by Darrell
I told my wife yesterday I may be mere weeks away from wearing high black socks and loafers with plaid shorts. It could happen. The symptoms are there and the signs are strong. You see, I have become fascinated with sitting on my patio and watching my bird feeders.
Impulsively, I bought two feeders and some bird seed. I hung them up in a couple of trees in the back yard. I had no idea how fast the little feathery gluttons would blow through my offering. The feeder pictured here was full less than 24 hours ago. I'm climbing a step ladder every evening to fill it.
While the evening weather is still mild, I find myself sitting under the ceiling fan and for hours just watching whatever flies by: blackbirds, purple martins, cardinals, finches, doves...the occasional crow. It's a jungle out there!
The best part is, the burgeoning bird population keeps our dog endlessly entertained. She stalks them, chases them and never catches them. (After all, they can fly!)
Oh, and I haven't mentioned that I planted tomatoes and bell peppers. If the birds don't eat them, I should have a nice summer of fresh vegetables.
Tomorrow, I'm thinking of driving to work with my left blinker on the whole way.

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad. This week's adventure at my house has been my step-dad trying to get a picture of the rare Painted Bunting. It's the first he's ever seen around here and he is very elusive. You can hear him squeal with excitement when he catches a glimpse of it..

AND I hate when old people drive miles with their blinker on!

Anonymous said...

"...Tomorrow, I'm thinking of driving to work with my left blinker on the whole way."

And don't forget to pull your trousers all the way up past your waist close to your armpits...and wear some of those Tar-black wraparound sunglasses that could double for a heliarc welder's goggles.

Anonymous said...

don't feel bad. i'm closer to 29 than 40 and have enjoyed watching birds for years. and next spring i'm not only planting tomatoes and peppers, but corn, too.