Monday, April 28, 2008

Jesus and Athena at the Prom

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He said he would get a haircut before prom. At this point, what can you do? My son, who has made quite a hobby of the pursuit to be hirsute, escorted his lovely long-time love interest to Senior Prom Saturday night.
I missed it all because I was deep in the Big Toe of Texas watching Arena football in the Rio Grande Valley. By all accounts, they had a decent time. I don't think there was a big throw-down, end of high school kind of party. I do know they stayed out a lot later than usual, but that's okay. Hey, it was prom night.
She looked lovely, a nice counterbalance to his shaggy presentation. At least he rented shiny shoes.
You know what? I don't have anything to say about the haircut, or lack thereof. Looking back at photos of my senior year, if my hair hadn't been so bushy it probably would have been (almost) that long.
I said something to him when he was in eighth grade that he apparently took to heart: "Grow it while you got it, son. If you're like me, it will start falling out soon enough."
Wouldn't you know that's one time he actually listened to me.

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Unknown said...

His girlfriend must like it or else he would have cut it by now...

Anonymous said...

I can assure you. I have suggested a haircut on many occassions. But who am I to impose on how he wants to express himself. Oh and FYI he DID get a haircut. He claims they cut a whopping TWO inches off.

What can you do?

Anonymous said...

Well said Daddy D as you and I know that time and genetics will play a serious role as to lifelong success of pursuing a life of shagginess. What I find really funny is that all these cool kids today look as if they grabbed a copy of my High School yearbook from many moons ago and are paying tribute to those terrible 1970's grooming habits...could polyester shirts, leisure-suits and platform heels for guys be making a comeback!?!

Looking back at some of my '70's pics with my shoulder-length hair....I have to admit that sometimes I looked like a real "dillweed"...and then there are other times when I looked like something straight outta "Boogie-Nights". ; ) I resembled Charlamagne with a natural waves at the mid and shoulder lengths...I kept it clean and well managed and my hair was the envy of several cheerleaders who couldn't believe I did little but wash my hair! But come gradgeeashun from HS...a 30-second haircut from Uncle Sam took care of my locks and they were gone forever...ohh..the agony...the horror...THE HORROR.

Semper Fi

Unknown said...

To the Girlfriend...

Can't you snow him a bit, tell him how you think he'd look so hot with shorter hair, that his gorgeous face wouldn't be hidden, etc? Lay it on REALLY THICK.

It's not the length that looks bad, it's just sorta shapeless.