Sunday, April 13, 2008

Comparing Travel Adventures

Darrell on the bus
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I've been keeping up with my friends' travels through various blogs. My old high school pal Elizabeth is on an 18-day tour of Asia and India. My buddy Matthew and his wife are off to Istanbul. The best friend routinely travels to Europe and South America on business. They got nothing on me. I rode a bus to Houston! Oh, and five hours later I jumped right back on the bus and came home. I got to sleep in my own bed and that counts for a lot.
I ate takeout from Fajita Ritas and a couple of slices of pepperoni pizza. Life is good.
Such is the life of a radio play-by-play man in minor pro sports. My Arena Football team won again, on the strength of five turnovers, two of them interception returns for touchdowns.
Meanwhile, my wife was in Austin accomplishing the somber mission of closing down her late father's house there. We actually passed on the road somewhere in East Texas. I was headed south on the bus while she was northbound for home.
Elizabeth and Matthew may have the advantage over me at the moment, but wait until they get back. They will be at home in Georgia and Oregon, respectively and I will laugh at them as I launch my next big travel adventure to McAllen, Texas. Istanbul, Myanmar, who cares? I've got the Rio Grande Valley, baby.

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Workman said...

You will pay for such comments!

--Matt (in transit)

Dave and Shannon said...

While you are there, enjoy the BBQ.....doubt Matt can find much of that in Istanbul.