Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Mighty Red

I know many of you have sat around wondering, "How did the Red River come to be named that? Is it a derivation of The Red Sea? Did Captain Henry Miller Shreve part the water with his staff to break the legendary logjam at the site of what would become Shreveport? Were pursuing Yankee soldiers swallowed up like Egyptians giving chase to fleeing Israelties? Let me put your mind to rest. I saw something I thought was pretty cool. I wish I had my camera, but my cell phone will have to do. Check this out:This is where Cross Bayou flows into the river. There is an amazing demarcation. The dark water is from the bayou. Tthe silty water is the river. The sand dredged from the bottom by the river's Mighty Current gives the water a reddish-brown appearance. Before the completion of the lock & dam system, the color was even deeper. Hence, the simple name: Red River.
I've been hearing about this all my life, but this was the most dramatic illustration of it I've seen. So, I thought I'd share. Now you know.

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