Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Was Attacked By a Duck

Proud Mother Duck
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This little lady looks happy, doesn't she? Judging from this photo alone, you might think she's offering a feathery warm greeting to her human visitor. I mean, as a duck swims, she's got it going on. She is insulated from natural predators. She has people feeding her all the time. There's plenty of water nearby and lots of brush to nest in.
A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Sometimes, though, those words are lies. While she may generally be the very essence of avian contentment, at this moment she is hissing mad!

April Ducklings
Originally uploaded by Darrell
That's because she was going about the business of protecting her 13 children! There they are, huddled innocently against the world. Why, in this photo, do they seem exposed, unprotected?
Because their mother has just flown at me and pecked my hand, that's why.
It wasn't scary, although it was a little startling. I respect her motherly instincts.
We have taken her offspring into protective custody. Think she was mad when I was taking a picture? You should see her now. She's all flappy and quacky and quite upset.
We will feed them and set them free right alongside mom, even though she did peck the hand that feeds her.

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