Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Don't Get Out Much

3 different beers
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Recently I was asked to join a long-established local volunteer organization. I was honored and immediately accepted. I have been to two meetings so far. The people are friendly, smart and successful. By all accounts, I probably shouldn't be in their company. Obviously, someone has been fooled.
One thing has really surprised me. Both meetings have been immediately after traditional work hours. I am stunned, truly, at the percentage of people in the organization who have drinks before the meetings.
I've never been a happy hour guy. I honestly thought the practice of "having drinks" before dinner was dying off with my parents' generation. If this group of people is at all indicative of what's going on out there, I have been thoroughly mistaken.
I'm not sitting in judgment of this at all. It's legal and obviously socially acceptable. It's just not part of my lifestyle. I also didn't see anyone have more than one drink, so I guess everyone was good to drive. Furthermore, I saw several people order a beer or a glass of wine and leave half of it on the table.
So, I came to the conclusion that some people feel there is an expectation that they will drink at these functions. I hope that's not true. If it is, that's something I find troublesome.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Old Man,

Stop counting everyone's drinks and let the fish have their sauce!

Unknown said...

At least it's one drink and a do good volunteer group.

You could be hanging out with rich east Texans who drink non stop, blow cigarette smoke directly in my face and blow thousands of dollars hour after hour.

The do good they do? Leave maybe some money in my tip jar.

I worry about the little cities they seem to have abandoned. Think of all the good they could be doing...

Anonymous said...

Now seem to forget that "back in the day" we were fixtures at Sam & Lisa Birmingham's "The Rusty Nail" on Kings Hwy. As I recall I believe they had our names on the wall as designated "exceptionally supportive patrons".

Funny how time changes things, huh? could always just order a Cranberry & Soda w/Lime to fit in at your next meeting.

1 part Drambouie (sic?)
2 parts blended Scotch
1 Marracino Cherry
Serve in doubles glass over rocks

"Servo Fides quod obduco vinum"

Darrell said...

Back in the LATE SEVENTIES AND EARLY EIGHTIES.....I actually did get out a little.
I can't dispte that point, except to point out that we were in our twenties.
Also, we were out to be out. We were not out to go to a meeting. I'll just clarify to say the percentage of people drinking in that context caught me off guard. It wasn't a party or a crawfish boil.
Again, I'm not complaining, just observing.