Sunday, April 20, 2008

My God, They're Seniors!

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This young person, of whom we are very fond, is a senior in high school. She is closely associated with our son, who did not consent to pose for senior portraits.
In three weeks, they will be finished with high school. This boggles my mind.
All those little kids who we met in K-3 will be leaving home in about four months. They'll be back every now and then, probably for stretches that frankly will be too long for comfort.
Really, now. They're 18. They're adults. Men and women, technically.
Our son was sitting around with us last week and said, "Do you realize I will only be living here a couple of more months?" I said, "Yes, and you don't have any survival skills. You can't even cook an egg."
He said, "I have the skills. I know how to do it. I can if I have to. I just choose not to."
This rare moment of candor was actually encouraging. He was honest with himself and us. Maybe he is growing up.
In the meantime, we need to treat a case of acute senioritis and make sure he actually goes to school for the next three weeks. If he has too many unexcused absences, they say they'll flunk him.
Then, he wouldn't move out.
Hey, you kids stay in least for three more weeks.

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