Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who's Got Spirit?

Kooky Pilot Fans
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The Alma Mater's basketball team fell from the ranks of the unbeaten, vanquished in overtime by the Gold Rush from Xavier University. The game had everything you need from college basketball: raucous fans, tension in the final seconds and emotions running high. The wacky student section berated the officials all evening.
It is remarkable that little LSU-S has developed such a spirited atmosphere for basketball. When I was in school there, intercollegiate athletics was a preposterous, faraway notion. Now, the Pilots are one of the strongest basketball programs in NAIA and the baseball team is a perennial winner.
So, I found myself in the gym with a racing heart as the game went down to the final horn. Back in my day, the only thing on campus that made my heart race was the girl across the aisle. LSU-S has plenty to cheer about.
Yes, there's even a mascot.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Daddy D: As a young 18 year old in the summer of 1973, I sat in the admissions office at LSUS and this was a part of my conversation with an admissions counselor:
Q: "I played high school basketball and would love to play for our school some day. When will we field a team?".
A: "We are trying to get the Chancellor to allow us to do that right now. We should have a team by your Junior year (1975-1976)."
OK, they let me down, but now the dream has finally come true for LSUS. I'm very proud of our alma mater's administration, faculty, and students for FINALLY making this happen. This university has always needed something to bind our commuter-based students together. I am very proud of the team, the coaches, and the growing fan base. You're giving your alumni a chance to beam with pride and say something other than "How 'bout those ACT scores!". Here's hoping that LSUS will bring home the NAIA men's basketball National Championship trophy from Kansas City this March! Let's go, Pilots!