Monday, January 14, 2008

Have You See This Girl?

Sisterly Love
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The girl in this photo obviously loves her brother, but she seems to have forgotten where he lives. We corraled her long enough to sit down for lunch with us a couple of weeks ago. That's when this photo was taken. As far as we can recall, this is the last time the four of us were together for more than a minute or two.
Over the holidays, she traveled to Southern California. Madeleine and Lindsey at LagunaAlthough she has returned, she clearly has not come home emotionally.Driving the new car!
She's enjoying the freedom which comes with having her own car and we're letting her roll the way she rolls, but her absence is felt.
Her brother asked just yesterday, "Did she go back to California? I haven't seen her in a week."
Neither have we. We're not worried, though. Soon enough, she will run out of money and food.

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