Thursday, January 03, 2008

Random Winter Thoughts

When I left the house this morning, the temperature outside was in the low 20's. To me, this is uncomfortable. I understand the necessity of freezing temperatures. It's part of the cycle of life, but I don't have to like it.
It's not likely to happen, but my friends and family have a standing order: If I am ever heard discussing moving to a cold climate, I should immediately be arrested. I know a young couple who recently moved to Minnesota. I get the occasional e-mail from them, and there's always a mention of the cold. I now watch a national weather map with renewed interest, because I look at the Minneapolis temperature and just laugh. I have no idea how to dress for that kind of weather or even how to drive in it.
I would be a terrible prisoner of war. All the enemy interrogators would need to do is take my Clothes off and put me in a cold room for about five minutes and I'd give up the missile launch codes. It's a real weakness.
For me, it's about the extremes. I'd rather be a little bit cool than a little bit warm. I'll take 60 degrees over 80 degrees. Conversely, I'll choose 90 over 30 any time. I guess it doesn't make any sense. the bottom line: I like to wear a sweatshirt but not an overcoat.
The only other seasonal item on my mind is this: When will people stop asking one another "Did you have a good Christmas?" I mean, is it after the first post-holiday week of school, or when? Do they really want to know, or is it a polite inquiry such as "How are you?" Does anyone ever answer, "Heck no. I was depressed and my mother-in-law got drunk and the kids complained about their presents. The food was overcooked. Aunt Thelma wouldn't come over because she had a fight with my cousin Billy Ray. Billy Ray wouldn't come over because he thought Thelma might show up...." You get the idea. I'm just tired of hearing the question. I'm a cynic that way. Also, please don't ask me "Did you have a good new year?" Well, I don't know yet. It's only three days old. Check with me in ten or eleven months and I'll let you know.
This brings to mind another observation. A lot of people are uncomfortable with a simple "hello." Is there anything wrong with, when you encounter someone, just saying "Hello!"? There seems to be a need for a question, such as "How's it going?" Except, the people who ask the question really don't want the answer. I'm calling for people to start saying, "Hi" and leaving it at that. If a conversation comes from it, great. If not, no one has been insincere or disingenuous.
Try it some time. It throws people off. Today, I said Hello" to a man I passed in the parking lot. He answered, "Fine." That makes no sense.

Maybe he was too cold to hear the greeting.

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Unknown said...

"Does anyone ever answer, "Heck no. I was depressed and my mother-in-law got drunk...'"

You are so NOT white trash. This is the standard answer around our parts. And that answer might be more redneck because the respondee's kids got gifts...white trash is a wrapped box of nothing or an IOU for "when my ship comes in."

Darrell said...

Let me tell you what's white trash:
A carton of cigarettes wrapped up in the Sunday funnies.