Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Long, Bumpy NIght

Fraidy Dog
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I guess we have all heard of a "fraidy cat," but have you ever seen a Fraidy Dog? Here is Exhibit A. Some mild thunder showers moseyed through town in the early hours of the morning. Based on the reaction of the Big Hairy Baby in our room, you would have thought the house was falling down.
This is the most trusting dog I've ever had. She will lie still while people step over her. She is completely at ease around everyone.
She will stand calmly by if teenagers scream or the surround sound gets loud, but if there's a Big Boom from outside, it's all over.
We know if there is thunder or fireworks, we're not getting any rest.
Last night's thunder was a low rumble. No claps, no booms, no matter. No sleep.
One solution is to lock her in the garage, but who has the heart to do that? Really, all we can do is let her get in bed with us or just to get up with her.
You can see the kind of attention she gets. Maybe I should develop a fear of storms. And the thunder rolls.....

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