Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Man, I'm Dead

Gluttony-Seven Deadly Sins
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I was reminded recently of the Seven deadly Sins. There's that Brad Pitt movie, Seven, maybe the creepiest film I've ever seen. But, that's not what did it. There's a church near my house which has the seven deadly sins illuminated in bas relief. I am guilty of gluttony. I love some food. I love to eat.
Pride? Maybe....probably. Lust? Definitely, although I do keep it under control. Anger? Absolutely.
Sloth? No problem. Envy? Sometimes.
Greed? I really don't think so.
So, I'm five for seven. How will I stay alive?

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1 comment:

1/2 of the Happy Couple said...

Maybe you've balance the sins out with its counter-part: The Seven Virtues.
If not, I'd get on that. ;)