Sunday, January 13, 2008

Don't Dis the Dish

Shrimp Buster!
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A co-worker called last week to say she had encountered some out-of-towners who were looking for places to eat which are uniquely Shreveport. One of the first, most obvious places I recommended was Herby K's. The place has been around for decades, is a Shreveport landmark, and thrives despite being situated in an essentially dead part of town. If you don't know where you are going, it is difficult to find. This is part of its charm. Its signature dish is the Shrimp Buster. They pound jumbo shrimp flat. They bread them, fry them and serve them with their own sauce. There are many people who have moved away who, upon coming home for a visit, make a trip to Herby K a priority.
So, this lady says, "Oh, that place with the flat shrimp? I don't think so." Yeah, that place with the flat shrimp, you idiot. I swear, her dismissive attitude made me angry. Look, why don't you just send them to Chili's and be done with it?
Even if you think it, you do not say it. The Shrimp Buster is Shreveport sacred. So, lady, go back where you came from and don't call me for restaurant advice again.
Everybody else, meet me at Herby K's for lunch.

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Workman said...

As loathe as I am to defend anything about the south, I think I have to side with you on this one.

First, if you're going to be bold enough to ask for the local flavor, you sure as hell better be ready for it.

Second, that shrimp looks really yummy. I'm actually a bit put out you never tipped me off to this place during my sojourn in the ARK-LA-TEX. What's the problem, is the food too good for a Yankee?

But seriously, I am in favor of all things deep fried. And that's something the south does very well.

Elizabeth said...

AMEN BROTHER!!!!! I was almost in mourning when I didn't get a Herby K's fix over Christmas.......
Some things, like Strawn's strawberry pie, are just part of the whole Shreveport experience....


Unknown said...

Well, it sounds like she was rejecting the location more than the food. It's a shame that her friends are going to miss out on a great meal! Chili's, lol!

Anonymous said...

Darrel, it's Dave. Do you realize that in over 10 years in Shreveport, I never went to Herby K's? I blame you, sir. We ate together roughly 1,000 times.

Darrell said...

I am debilitated by shame.

Unknown said...

Why is it I never think of the great local places to eat when someone asks me where I want to dine? And then along the same line, when I drive by those places I go "wow, why don't we ever eat there?"

I would never plug my blog here but I have started a section called "Good Eats in SB Land." I guess it's my way of reminding myself of all the groovy non chain places we have.

Darrell said...

I think you did just plug Http:// here.
That's okay. We're all in it together. Go eat at Herby K and Cobb's BBQ. Give Swamp Island a try. It has no tradition, btu the food is good and they're struggling. Don Juanz is another new place worth trying.