Monday, January 07, 2008

Of Mice and Memes

Daddy D may have earned Blogger stripe or two, but he is still a middle-aged man with a wife, a couple of jobs and teenagers who occasionally drop by the house to be fed or scolded. I guess that's how the Lolcats phenomenon passed us by.
A cat and a dog live in our house, as well. They consistently do things which amuse us, but we have been blissfully assuming that no one else would find them funny. There's a lot of pressure to be witty out there on the internets, and from what I've been able to determine with a superficial examination of the Lolcats meme, it just gets funnier by the day.
So, I entered the fray.funny pictures (The picture bleeds of the right of the page, which proves I don't really know what I'm doing. Click on the photo itself to be taken directly to the submission.) I'm not proud of it, because it could be much better. But, I had a funny picture of the cat and I slapped a caption on it then submitted it for Lolcat scrutiny. The idea is that the idiot cats have their own kind of broken language which seems to be German-influenced.
I would rather have entered with a bang instead of a whimper, but the comedy writers are on strike! Clearly, there is no danger that I will be asked to cross the picket lines and risk the sweet sting of witty barbs being hurled my way by truly entertaining people.
Now, I need to learn Lolcat language. If my first and only submission can merely make it to the voting page, I will be happy. It's like making it to the playoffs and hoping to advance past the first round. In the meantime, I'll keep scratching away, keeping the mice at bay.

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Workman said...

Completely off topic:

Congrats to you, oh LSU fan, on the victory of your beloved Tigers.

Darrell said...

Thanks. I took a moment during lunch to post a little something about the game.