Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Daughter Has Been Spotted

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Recently, we half-kiddingly asked the vast Daddy D readership if anyone had seen my daughter. She has been found, seating hungry patrons and bussing tables at this southeast Shreveport restaurant.
Yes, Sweet 16 is gainfully employed, and we are grateful. Somewhere among the "Imported Foods, Muffalettas & Po-Boys and Italian Salads, she's learning the value of a dollar.
I don't think she realized when she accepted the position that the hostess would have to bus tables, but it's honest work if you can get it. The pay might be a little inconsistent because she gets some percentage of the evening's take.
We asked if she gets a base salary plus tips, or what. Of course, she doesn't know. I have so far resisted the temptation to drive up there and ask questions of the manager. All that matters to my daughter is that she has walking around money. I guess that's all that should matter to me, too.
So, go eat at Monjuni's and don't forget to generously tip your hostess.
By the way, I am forced to offer a posthumous apology to my mother. When I was my daughter's age, she urged me to take a job as a busboy at a nearby restaurant. I thought I was above that. My daughter has shown me the error of my ways. God bless her.

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