Monday, June 30, 2008

Feel the Power

Chainsaw massacre
Originally uploaded by Darrell
I found a way to get my son out of the house and into the yard: power tools! Upon our return from the Great Texas Road Trip, we discovered that a tree in our yard had split. It was leaning on a fence and crushing some landscaping, so we had to remove it. We did what we could with a hand saw, but the job called for the brack-brack-brack of a chainsaw. His eyes it up like lit was Christmas or something.
I had worked up a mighty sweat carving up the tree and helping the wife haul off the limbs, so I was content to sit back and watch him work. I have to admit he attacked the task with zeal. The thing is, he has shown that with sufficient motivation he can be a pretty hard worker.
Do they allow power tools at college?

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