Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Camper

The smiling face you see is that of my rock and roll son, who is home safe from his Big Adventure at Bonnaroo. He said he's glad he went. He would probably go again, but he's happy to be home.
He's happy to have a bed and a shower. He's happy to have his car. He's happy to have air conditioning. He had none of those over the last five days.
He and his girlfriend got along well in every sense, as far as we can tell.
We know we were grateful to have her, because she esentially organized all the details and he just went along for the ride.
I won't be surprised if, in the years to come, stories emerge from this trip...things they can't or won't tell us until we have the benefit of some time passing. For now, I'm just glad they had a nice time and made it home safely.

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