Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Is Here

Back Yard Swim
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For many the unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day weekend. At our house, it's when the kiddie pool comes out of the garage. Except, in our case it's not a kiddie pool, it's a doggie pool.
Our dog loves water. She will just "lay out" for long periods of time.
The doogie pool is versatile. It's helps her stay cool. It makes cleaning her off pretty easy when we want to bring her into the house. Since she's a dog, it makes no difference to her that she's been lying in the water all day, she just drinks from it.
With the actual offspring gone most of the time, parental affection and attention are showered on this dog and her mercurial feline counterpart. We have discussed getting another dog to keep this one company. Also, I'm a believer in "doggie overlap." That means you get a puppy when your existing dog reaches middle age so that you will have a good, broken-in dog when the sadly inevitable happens.
We have decided against that for now, though. Our relationship with this particular pooch is so good that we don't want to mess it up with another furry friend.
That has its downside, though. I tell my wife quite often "You love that dog too much." She knows it, but love is love and she'll give it as long as she can.

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