Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rock and Roll WIll Never Die

Robinson Film Center Balcony
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We went downtown for dinner and a movie and had a couple of surprises along the way. We ate at the bistro on the second floor of the Robinson Film Center, planning to see Michael Caine and Demi Moore in "Flawless." By the time we made it downstairs to the theater, it was sold out.
Undeterred, we stepped across the hall to see the documentary "Young @ Heart." This film follows the preparations of a well-established New England senior citizens' chorus for a concert and a world tour. They sing rock, punk and R&B songs. I loved every frame of this film. You come away admiring the man who prods the "Young at Heart" singers to challenge themselves. You share their despair, cheer their triumphs and honor their spirit. If you have ever had an elderly person in your life, sprint to see this film.
Oh, the other surprise. There was a reason we had to stick around, even though our first choice was sold out. The drink special upstairs was a "chocolate martini." The wife ordered one. I had a glass of wine. We don't get out much, and we hardly ever drink. I don't know what they put in this thing, but by the time my companion had finished 3/4ths of it, she was thoroughly gassed. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't seen her in that condition in at least ten years.
We had to wait more than a half-hour for "Young at Heart" to start, so we walked around downtown trying to find her composure. Certainly, we weren't going to drive anywhere. She had a great time at the movie. She laughed and she cried. I haven't had the courage to ask her today if she remembers it.

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Workman said...

"AMEN" twice about "Young @ Heart." I know it's a cliche, but it makes you laugh, and it makes you cry.

I saw it in Los Angeles last April, then took Julie to see it when it arrived in southern Oregon.

Wonderful movie. Perhaps my favorite this year so far.