Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Front Door Visitor

Our dog has gone insane twice in the last 24 hours. Last night, she went into complete apoplexy during a round of boisterous thunderstorms. She is the ultimate fraidy-dog and she lept panting into the middle of our bed. We lost a lot of sleep.
Tonight, she started barking and cyring, scratching at the front door. This is pretty unsual, so it was a little alarming. Naturally, we had to investigate and we discovered an intruder.

Bunny on the sidewalk
Originally uploaded by Darrell
A little bunny was sitting brazenly on our front sidewalk, the early evening sun backlighting its perky rabbit ears.
It hung around long enough to pose for photos and eat a few blades of grass.
Then, it snuck into the bushes.
Hey, does that tell you a little something about the caliber of excitement in my life these days?

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