Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The Supervisor
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The pressure is off for me, because I provided my dad (the lonesome cowboy here) a great father's day outing. He sat all morning and watched the giant oak tree relocation project in southeast Shreveport.
For a guy who made his living with heavy equipment, this was like a day at Disneyland. There were backhoes, tractors, and an enormous crane. He sat transfixed for hours, fascinated by the process and the result. When the job was complete, we rode around in a golf cart and inspected the work.
It was fascinating to watch him watch the work. He's a virtuoso with a backhoe to this day, and he was impressed with the operators on the job.
(There's the man, tiny to the left of the crane, checking things out.) Frankly, he was a little awestruck. That's okay. He'll be 82 next month. It's good to know he can still be impressed. More importantly, it's good to know he can still be entertained.

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