Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Day at the Beach

(Port Aransas, TX) - "Honey, come with me. We'll go to the beach," I said earlier in the week. True to my word, we did. Just as we settled in with a breeze-kissed view of the Gulf of Mexico, there was a sudden turn of events. A gust, a gale, a raindrop, a deluge. It was raining so hard that the drops stung against our skin like pellets.
Laughing, we realized that running for cover was a ridiclous pursuit. There was no cover. We were at least three football fields away from the car. Actually running would not only potentially injure us, it would likely make the raindrops sting just a little more.
So, we stood there soaked to the skin, at one with nature. Fortunately, we knew some people who were parked nearby in an RV. Pitifully, we begged for shelter and a place to change clothes.
As we drove toward our inland destination, the sun emerged from the clouds. We got our moment at the beach though. I'm a man of my word.

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