Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Always Have Arkansas

Here in Shreveport, many of us were amused, some of us were mortified, but none of us was surprised when this photo becaame a mini-sensation on the internet. This shows a man in a scooter designed for the elderly or handicapped, in line at a drive-through window of a local liquor store. As preposterous as that may seem to outside observers, I do believe we have been bested.
Ladies and gentlemen, I direct your attention to Morrilton, Arkansas and a photo we are told was taken on June 27, 2008: It's not Cajun Liquor, it's Tobacco Corner. When mama needs her chew, mama needs her chew. it don't matter none if you're cutting the grass and it don't matter none if she's in her mumu. Their money is just as green as that man from the city driving the Cadillac.

Just for the record, I haven't verified any of these alleged facts. I don't see any real reason to. The photo speaks for itself.

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1 comment:

Dave and Shannon said...

We Arkansans have a slogan, "Thank God for Mississippi"... to remind everyone that for everything we are 49th in, we have Mississippi to thank for taking the bottom spot.