Sunday, June 15, 2008

Off to the Arena!

Mother-Daughter Arena Fans
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My mother-in-law lifted the lid on her Arena Football fandom three weeks ago, and now she's a regular. Seriously, three Saturdays in a row, she has sat beside her daughter and actually enjoyed Arena Football games. She's 2-1 as a fan, meaning she has seen the home team win twice and lose once. She brought different friends each time. Just look at her there with her daughter, program in hand, all smiles.
What a treat she had during halftime of this week's victory. Two other fans won a contest sponsored by a local jewelry store and they got married at halftime! The groom was regal in a game game-worn jersey, along with a top hat adorned with a feather. The bride was lovely in a pink team tee with a ruffled skirt. He had the mascot as a best man while she had all the cheerleaders as bridesmaids.
It was an emotional evening. I'm glad we all got through it. A win and a wedding: what more could you ask for on a springtime Saturday evening? Love was in the air!
I even got a photo made with the best man!

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