Friday, July 04, 2008

Unusual Independence Day

Jeremey camp concert
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While most of America was watching fireworks on the 4th of July, I found myself at a Christian rock concert. Jeremy Camp, who apparently is well respected in Christian music circles, performed locally. I had free tickets and my daughter seemed excited about seeing him, so off we went. The crowd was moved by his music. That was easy to discern. I didn't know any of his songs, but his melodies were pleasant, his band was tight and his message was wholesome.
I made it home in time to see a nice fireworks show offered by the country club a couple of streets away, so the experience was kind of complete.
Earlier in the day, we had what I called an unintentional party. We cooked some hot dogs and French fries at noontime. The kids, the girlfriend and the mother-in-law all joined us around the table for a nice holiday lunch. No way it would have gone that well if we had planned it. Sometimes, when you lower expectations and go with the flow, good things happen.
On top of that, my son got a haircut! My birthday is two weeks from tomorrow. When he asks me what I want, I'll tell him I want hm to shave. We'll see how that goes.
--------------------------------------------------- Left Eye Louie made a return visit just before the concert.
Oh, I wrong, or does Jeremy Camp have kind of a young Hugh Grant vibe going in that second photo?

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