Sunday, July 06, 2008

Poster Boy for Fireworks Safety

Just like any red-blooded American Southern boy, my son enjoys blowing things up on Independence Day. The need to waste money on explosives is an irresistible force, I suppose. He has a job and he's technically an adult now, so there's nothing I can really do to stop him. His mother and I are reduced to parenting by cliche, reminding him to be careful out there and not do anything stupid.
Imagine my joy when I ran across a photo of him on the internet which clearly depicted him holding a Roman candle while it spewed its fiery colors. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! Hey, when I was a kid, we shot bottle rockets at one another, so I don't have much to say....except that we lit them and stepped away. The other side saw them coming and STEPPED AWAY.
He came home from the party and laughingly told us that he had explained to the people there that "If my Dad were here, he would (insert colorful word for bilogicial funtion) in his pants. Having seen this photo, I cannot disagree.
My only weapon is ridicule, so here you go:

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Anonymous said...

He did say that.

But I'll admit the women were very nervous. Between the blasts, you'd hear us yelling "Don't through the black cats at each other!" and "Why would you do that?!"

They weren't good influences on the handful of actual children present.
Atleast they had a good time and kept their limbs.

Anonymous said...

Excellent artwork, DR. Was it chilly at the locale of young Christopher's firework-tacular? It appears the **pple is busting out!

Fletcher--aka, Tim