Saturday, July 05, 2008

Adventures at the Super Center

Target parking lot
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We are smiling not necessarily because we are happy, but because we are relieved. We filled a shopping cart at Target and rolled up to the check out stand. The items were totaled up and bagged. Then, we realized that neither of us had our wallet. No money, no card, no ID, no groceries. I'm glad we didn't get pulled over by a policeman. That's been happening a lot lately.
I left my wife behind to baby-sit our unpurchased supplies while I scrambled for a way to pay. That's when something remarkable happened. I called looking for reinforcements. Completely by coincidence, both offspring were within a mile of us. In fact, our son was in the same shopping center. We had no idea. Happily, I was able to wrangle a debit card quickly so we could rustle up the grub.
Who needs a wallet when you have kids with cars and jobs?

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