Sunday, July 27, 2008

For the Sake of Tradition

Collin Street Bakery
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My wife's late great grandfather ALWAYS had a cake from Collin Street Bakery. I don't know how he did it, but he could make one cake last exactly long enough to get him to the next cake in the perpetual series of mail order baked good.
Our road home from Austin took us right past the actual bakery in Corsicana, so how could we pass it by? We couldn't. Inside the allegedly world-famous place is a drool-inducing array of confections, pralines, muffins, breads, pies, cakes and so on.
I actually wanted to get doughnuts, but they didn't have any! I thought about it and didn't ask anyone about it, instead coming to my own conclusion that a doughnut is technically a FRIED item, so I guess a bakery can get away with not offering them for sale or consumption. A lowly doughnut seems beneath this place, anyway. At least that's what the prices would seem to indicate. I bought a pecan-cinnamon cake. I'm looking forward to discovering for myself whether it's worth getting on the mailing list.

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Anonymous said...

Daddy D - It's interesting the difference in how one looks at this establishment. Recently, my wife and I drove through Corsicana and saw this same bakery. We both said, "So THAT's one of those places that probably makes all those brick-like fruitcakes people give during the holidays!". We chuckled at the thought that this bakery might be cranking out fruitcakes 365 days/year and stockpiling them for holiday shipments! OK, so I have a vivid imagination, but I'll wager that I'm not the only one who thought the same thing! Keep up the good work - we enjoy your Blog! :)

Darrell said...

Um, Doug...(whispering now) That's exactly what it is.
Oh, but so much more. There's fresh stuff there daily, and the place is really nice.