Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Eating

I like it when I look into the sink and see peels, stems and ends of fresh vegetables. It feels like I accomplished something and did so in a healthful way.

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Let's see....tomatoes, bell peppers, onion skins, lime rinds, and mango peels. What could it be? Pico de gallo!
I love to eat in the summer. A fresh, ripe tomato is a simple joy for me. When I can use it as a base for almost any dish, I'm ready to chow down.
The tomatoes are rolling in now, which means my family can start rolling its eyes at my annual fresh salsa glee. You can almost guarantee in a couple of weeks, I will say something like, "This is so good I wish I could swim in it!"
My next goal, which I've been attempting to reach for three summers, is to make a decent batch of gazpacho. I just haven't figured it out yet. That's okay, it's a good excuse to go eat at Jacqueline's Cafe.

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