Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday weekend

Birthday lunch
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My man-child met me at the door Friday night and said "Happy Birthday." He decided to go reasonable with the facial hair, losing the Uncle Sam look in favor of a close-cropped presentation. I can live with it. Now, if we can get him into something besides a Led Zeppelin tee and jeans, we've made substantive progress. I said, "Before I die, I will see you in a polo shirt and khakis." It probably will be a long time before I die (at least we hope so).
The kids split up birthday festivities. The Daughter was the driver one evening because I wanted to go to a wine-tasting dinner. We tasted plenty of Pino, but I have buyer's remorse.
On the actual day, the man-child and his girlfriend joined the rest of the family for lunch. Then, I celebrated the Big Day by hopping onto a charter bus for a four-hour trip to an Arena Football game. Our team scored 80 points and won and my wife was with me.
The people on the bus gave me a birthday cake, so I would say we celebrated in style.

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Ken Jenkins said...

Daddy D, I have missed you. I still think about you when someone mentions a former Evangel player it reminds me of a picture you emailed me of a certain see through shirt. Glad I ran across your blog.