Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Reunion

Going Away Party for Jerry
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A long time ago, I really don't remember when, my heart hurt when we said good-bye to my friend Jerry, who was leaving to seek fortune and happiness in The Big City. He's one of my favorite people for a variety of reasons, among them his immense talent.
This weekend, he came home for a visit and we were thrilled to spend time with him. As with any comfortable friendship, the time and distance seemed to evaporate when we got back together.
It pleases me to report that he found happiness and apparently his fortune too. He has moved from Houston to Seattle, both big cities to be sure. Since he is half a continent away, it remains difficult to see him often. When we do, it's always a treat.
He and his wife are both big-time "voice talent." It's a virtual certainty that you have heard at least one of them on a TV or radio many times. They enjoy a certain media ubiquity. In fact, my wife has started making fun of me for saying, "Oh, there's Jerry" when his voice booms through a nearby speaker quite at random. So, while I miss his company, I still get frequent visits from him even if he doesn't know it.
And look, no comments about how much we've aged. I said it was a long time ago.

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