Saturday, March 01, 2008

"My World Has Been Turned Upside Down"

Martha Cooper
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It has been three weeks since the sudden and unexpected death of my wife's father. It pleases me to report that although my mother-in-law admits that her "world has been turned upside down," she soldiers on impressively.
This has required some effort. We are grateful for her many friends, who have kept her occupied on a daily basis. We certainly hope they keep it up.
She has been able to bury herself in the business of things. There's a lot of work to do when someone passes away. There are lawyers, accountants, CPA's, coroners and heirs. The neccessary activities are a blessing.
She's being social, too...out to dinner, the occasional show. She will be okay, but she still needs the people around her to help her through. After all, she had someone to help with everything for 48 years. The adjustment slope is steep. We'll keep pushing.

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