Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tanned and Rested

Ft. Walton Beach
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We're sitting on the beach in sweatshirts. That's how this trip has gone, and that's okay with us.
One of our favorite beach trips ever was in 1994. We went to Nantucket and had our first experience with seaside strolls in cool weather. I remember saying, "One day we'll be older and won't want to hang out in the sun all day and this will be nice." My wife said, "It's nice now." Turns out, we were both correct.
The last couple of days, we've had the best of both worlds. It's been warm enough during the day to enjoy traditional beach-type activities, and cool enough in the evenings to enjoy an invigorating sea breeze.

Ft. Walton Sunset
Originally uploaded by Darrell
My stomach has recovered sufficiently for me to finally go for the seafood dinner I've been planning.
I have realized a little piece of news that may shed some light on why I've been so sleepy all week. I haven't had a single cup of coffee since we left home. Maybe I'll lay off the coffee altogether.
I will need to wake up for the drive home.
The sun is about to set on my little trip.

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