Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Would You Do This?

Little snake
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I know the young lady in this photo. I'm very fond of her. She is welcome in my house any time, but she CANNOT bring her friend along.
I'm not sure what's happening here, but I suspect there's a wacky science teacher involved somewhere.
She's not old enough to remember the mind-blowing photo of Nastassja Kinski and the serpent; but if a picture of my cat can remind a commenter of a famous Vermeer painting then our friend with the snake certainly can bring this to mind:

It has been twenty-seven years since Richard Avedon captured this legendary image. He took advantage of Kinski's fame in the wake of her film role in "Tess," one of sixty or so films in which Kinski appeared, but arguably her most famous.
I was in my early 20's when this photo became famous. Clearly, it made an impression on me. Funny, I've never really been afraid of snakes.
As Mary points out in her comment, this image is kind of cut in half horizontally.
See the photo in all it original glory here.

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Unknown said...

Nice cropping! If I recall correctly, it was the other side of the photo that caused the big stir...LOL!

Darrell said...

This IS a family blog. Besides, if I showed the "big stir" parts, someone may lay still in the grass all coiled up and hissing.
With respect to REO Speedwagon, nobody really wants that.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, I am STILL terrified of snakes. This picture doesn't show the look on my face as she was wrapping around my neck or me saying, "Oh my god, get the face away from mine!!"
It took a LOT of coaxing to get me to do it. The only reason I did it was because I thought it would make a great picture.

Workman said...

That photo came out when I was about 12 and it made a huge impression on me.