Thursday, March 13, 2008

Irony in Eating Out

Low-fat at Strawns?
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One of Shreveport's legendary eatieries is still thriving. There are three Strawn's locations I know about and people go there because they know what they will get: good old-fashioned salty, greasy food.
So, I was amused when someone ordered a low-fat breakfast. That's like going to a Chinese restaurant and getting a hamburger. What's the point?
Having spent thousands of dollars in the Strawnses of the world in my lifetime, I know how I will react when I walk in. There's a lot of saliva involved. The place just exudes, "So good but so bad for you."
Honestly, i think it's good for you every once in a while to just indulge. Have a cheeseburger. Salt your fries. Have a slice of pie. It's the kind of thing that makes life worth living. If you want low fat, go to Subway or a salad bar. Smell the salt and hot oil. Live a little.
Strawn's (10) Low-fat Omelette! Yum.Strawn's (9) Not Low-fat pancakes. Better!

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Anonymous said...

You know for a metro area our size, you'd think there'd be more "Mom 'n Pop" type cafes like Strawns. And while Strawns does ok with their pales a bit as far as my appreciation of breakfast (now their plate lunches...not baaad at all). But why is it that we don't have the kinds of places you see on "The Food Networks"?

A couple months ago, I went to Boise, ID on assignment and I stopped by a place that was featured in Gourmet Magazine as one of the top 10 b'fast cafes / bistros in the U.S.: Goldy's B'fast Bistro:

A bit eclectic but I could see something like this fitting well in S'port-Bossier. Think Strawn's with a tad more flair... I had the stuffed French Toast...and it was great! There was the usual fare and prices were very good...but I have to tell you..this place makes most other joints in town feel like McDonald's.

Where are the food entrepreneurs of days-gone-by? Seems like there's a trend that needs exploring.

ah FWIW..

Darrell said...

The Little Missus actually prefers Southfield Grill for breakfast.
Southfield Grill never lets you down.
My son has an affection for RJ's, for some reason.
I have a cousin who's a big Beam's fan.
It's all so subjective. There's so much nostalgia wrapped up in the orginal Strawn's, it kind of trumps them all.
The other two...for me it's all about the same.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hear ya...I guess my taste is a bit more eccentric perhaps.
Let's put it this way, bacon 'n eggs and hash browns is pretty hard to mess up..and well it's the same ol'...same ol'.

I had sweet potato hash browns at a Java joint in Sacramento and a plate O' crepes I'd kill for at a coffee house in Albuquerque recently. And I have to tell you that the tiny town of Rochester, MN has some of the most diverse greasy-spoons I've ever encountered! When it comes to memorable b'fast joints here in town...I'm a bit at a loss, good food and dependable service but memorable ( y-a-w-n ) nothing really stands out as truly memorable. Oh...and next time you're in San Diego: D.Z. Akins Breakfast /'s killer!! And all things Southern in Columbia, SC...ya got's ta go to the "Lizard's Thicket" Forget the glycemic's off the charts...but ohhh man are you fat 'n happy when you leave!! :D

(Missing Chuck Weng Joe's Sunday Bloody Mary Bash from the early 80's)

Darrell said...

All I have to say right now is: If you need a freelance grip on one of your excursions, I'm for hire. I want to travel adn eat with you.

Anonymous said...

Well you'll have to fight Cyndi for that gig...bud, as she's a pretty good P.A. when she can take the time from her "day-job". Last month, I tried to sneak a bite of her blue-berry pancackes at Garretts Cafe in Santa Barbara and her knife missed my hand by a millimeter!! She's tough!

But I'll keep ya in mind!