Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Only Way to Fly

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Vacation continues. The Happy Couple bascially said, "Aw, Chute" and went for it. Their parasailing adventure left them smiling and wind-blown. They both said it was serene sixty feet up.
For some reason, I just don't have any energy, so I remained still. I'm about to blow through a Dean Koontz novel and I stupidly sunburned the tops of my feet, along with my knees and calves. At least it's a superficial kind of discomfort.
The low humidity, the gulf breeze and the sound of the waves lapping onto the beach combine to soothe me into submission.
I'm getting lots of sleep.
Good night, now. Zzzzzzzzzz.....................

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1 comment:

Dave and Shannon said...

hands down, sunburned feet are the worst.