Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spot News!

It felt like old times for me today. I got a series of frantic phone calls from co-workers requiring my immediate attention. An event was transpiring and it needed to be documented. There was no time to waste. So, I jumped in the car with a camera, called another co-worker with a video camera, and off we went. It was like running to a house fire during my days as a TV newshuman. This was big news, in fact, but just for us. Ducks were hatching!
We have been watching mother ducks on some of our company's property for weeks. They have been diligently setting, protecting their eggs. On Halloween, hatching happened.At first, just a beak. This process took much longer than I anticipated. Not being Mr. Nature Boy, I had never actually witnessed a hatching. I've seen a litter of puppies and a litter of kittens born. I saw my children spring forth from the womb, but this was my first up close bird experience.Truly, it was all very exciting. We have recently lost an entire batch of ducklings to the varmints, so people were running around trying to keep the little guys safe.Some of them took to water like....well, ducks!Nobody was really sure if rescuing them to keep them from being eaten by cats, turtles, raccoons or whatever is a good idea. All we know is every one of the little swimmers pictured below met its demise within a week of hatching:So, every reasonable effort is being made to keep our new little friends quacking, and that's good news. After all, just breaking into the world can exhaust a duck. He will take all the help he can get.

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1 comment:

Linnea said...

Darrell! I'm so proud that you're a nature lover. I'm surrounded by hunters from whom you'd have to protect those little duckies. In one hand they hold a golf club, in the other a shotgun. Scary business here at the Creek.

Great pictures, by the way!