Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Happy Couple Gets Dressed Up

(Stonewall, LA)- The Happy Couple is doing High School Things for the last time. Tonight, it was dressing up for homecoming. She looked beautiful. He at least put on a pressed shirt and a tie.
This is a "worlds collide" couple, which is clearly illustrated by his presence in a Gallery of Dead Animal Heads. This imposing presentation belongs to her family. I can't recall ever firing a gun and I certainly have never intentionally killed an animal. I'm not offering any kind of philosophiccal opposition. I'm simply pointing out the stark contrast in lifestyles.
Nonetheless, these two have been together long enough to have attended several school-related events which require cleaning up for the evening. That, they did. We have reached a point where we just watch them leave and hope they come home safe.So far, they always have.
I don't know where they will be a year from now, except no longer in high school. For now, all they can really do is cling to one another for all it's worth and just see what life places before them. I hope they enjoyed the dance.

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