Friday, October 26, 2007

Found in the Fog

There's something exciting about a good fogbank. Southeast Shreveport was shrouded Friday morning and I found myself energized. A cool, damp morning brought out the kid in me and I wound up along the banks of a bayou.Everything seemed a little cleaner and somewhat more mysterious in the fog. I was enjoying the peace of the morning when a rumble rose behind me. I didn't realize how close I was to a bridge over the bayou. I had to stomp through the woods a little and climb a little rise, but I found the source of the commotion.Once the train passed, feeling adventurous, I walked to the middle of the bridge, stared north down the tracks.Another thing caught my eye: as Halloween approaches, this seems eerily appropriate.
Then, the sun rose and the fog cleared.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Pics Darrell, you've got a pretty good eye. You should consider arranging a showing or put a book together.

Darrell said...

That is indeed high praise coming from someone I respect. If I knew how to do anyt of that, I might. maybe you should be my agent.