Saturday, October 13, 2007

Suits, Dresses, Hair, Nails and Make-up

The kid on the receiving end of this hit, captured expertly by Shreveport Times photojournalist Val Horvath, had a tough Friday night. He seems to have recovered nicely, since he cleaned up some time on Saturday and picked up my daughter then drove away with her in his car...
It's an interesting evening for both teenagers because they go to different schools but are together for her homecoming festivities. I'm not sure if it's controversial or not that my daughter is escorted to homecoming by the quarterback from another school, but there it is. I hope all the kids are nice to him. Most importanly, though, I hope he's nice to her. He got off to a pretty good start with a wrist corsage...
I suspect there's not a lot of dancing going on, because dancing could lead to perspiring, or something much more worrisome and they worked so hard to look good.
For their sakes, I hope they're still smiling at the end of the evening. For my sake, I just hope they're not smiling too much.

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Workman said...

Come on, Darrell. I'm dying to hear your reaction to last week's LSU game.