Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Ministry of Medicine

This was an enormous day for the in-laws. My wife's father, a retired priest, has started a mobile medical ministry which he hopes will reach the underserved throughout the area. He and my mother-in-law bought a fancy recreational vehicle, had it customized for its medical mission, and donated it to the diocese.
The vehicle was dedicated today complete with pomp, circumstance and a bishop's pointy hat.
We knew something was up when my wife's sister, who lives Deep in the Heart of Texas, showed up. My mother-in-law insisted that everyone show up for church. My wife was summoned to read a new testament lesson, something she has not done before. Later, the four of them were called to the front of the church and the congregation was alerted that the Big RV would be dedicated in honor of my wife and her sister, both medical professionals. Someone even painted their names on the side of the RV. A big crowd assembled in the parking lot and the family greeted well wishers. All of this was a complete surprise to the ladies, and things got a little emotional for a moment or two. It's not every day an entire convocational ministry, not to mention a big RV, is dedicated to you.
The gesture is genuine and touching, but now the work starts. That involves finding people to go in the RV out into the region to perform the medical ministry. If that doesn't work out, my wife's name is on the thing. Maybe we can use it for tailgate parties at LSU games.

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