Friday, October 12, 2007

So, You Can't Get the Flu from a Flu Shot?

The lady hiding behind the book does not get sick. She gets a little under the weather. Every once in a while she "doesn't feel well." That's about as far as it goes. There's the occasional headache or cramp. This woman does not miss work. She always gets paid for her sick days at the end of the year.
So, why is she hiding behind a book for two straight work days? Because she sick. "Bring some crackers and Sprite and I'll see what I can do" sick. Chills and fever sick. Immodium sick. All those, all at once.
She got all of these symptoms, all of this flat-of-her-back stuff less than 48 hours after getting a flu shot. She doesn't have the flu, I don't guess. After all, the doctors will tell you that you absolutely cannot get the flu from a flu shot.
Maybe not, but you certainly can suffer from flu-like symptoms. One day: flu shot. Next day: worshipping the porcelain god while sweating through the sheets. I guess it's all a coincidence.
It's a good thing we're all pretty much self sufficient. We literally have never dealt with her being down for this long. No shot for me. I'll take my chances.

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1 comment:

Linnea said...

Well, Darrell, from the woman who carries a puke bucket around in my car during child illnesses, please tell your lovely wife I'm so sorry she's feeling puny, and best wishes for a speedy recovery. There's nothing worse than the flu... or whatever the docs are calling it.