Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Smiler and the Sleeper

My daughter went to a Halloween party. She remembered her costume, but forgot her camera. She was running with her crew, a collection of girls which might attract attention. So, it's really no surprise that I found a photo from the party on the internet:For me, the best part of stumbling across this picture was the caption posted by the photographer: "Their orthodontists would be proud"
While funny, it is also accurate. Thank you, Dr. Clay Cook.
It also strikes me as disturbingly funny that I find photos on the internet of my daughter smiling in vibrant color, while I stumble across black and white representations of her brother sleeping at school:
He snoozes. She smiles, even when she seems to be suffering from the heat:
My life's struggle in photos. To be fair, he can sleep all he wants if he keeps up his grades and test scores. He's doing quite well academically, to be honest. It's probably because he's well rested.
And, for the record, her report card was pretty impressive, too. Keep smiling.
Friday Update:
Daddy D blog pressure sufficiently applied, a photo emerges on the internet (still black and white) of Mr. Man all bright-eyed and pointy-headed:

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