Saturday, October 06, 2007

Shutterbuggery Abounds

In my advancing years, my wife has decided I need a hobby. She seems to think I have an eye for detail, so she has been encouraging me to express myself through photography. While I have not risked life and limb for the Great Photo, I was hissed at by a mother duck. I had no idea ducks could hiss, but they can. She is hoping her eggs hatch soon. So am I. Nobody likes a hissy fit. The photo isn't bad, though.
Firmly in touch with my sensitive side, I have been drawn to animals and flowers. This leggy bug seemed to find a nice resting place on a rose petal.
The TV weathermen have an annoying tendency to talk about "dew points," and I have no idea why I should care about that, except when dew makes things seem fresh and new.
My job has led me recently to spend a great deal of time in a retirement community. I have been edified by talking with so many people in their 80's and 90's. I came upon a man named Mr. Vaughn studying a pocket watch. His octegenarian perspective on the measurement of time was quietly moving. Morning is his best time of day, always offering a hopeful outlook on the day ahead.
I've been taking a good number or portrait photos. Some of them have turned out pretty nice. My favorite is of Mr. Turner, who paints a porcelain owl to indicate the season and/ or his frame of mind.
Finally, back to my roots with a sports photo. LSU quarterback Matt Flynn had a difficult afternoon in the Superdome.
I'm old school enough to believe the marketing slogan "a picture isn't a picture until it's printed," so I'll get a couple of enlargements. I don't know what I'll do with them. Maybe I'll add a room onto the house and have a gallery. That's a good "old man" thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! What kind of camera are you using? Is this what you use for your pictures with the mascots and on airplanes, etc. or is that your camera phone?

Darrell said...

Those were taken with a Pentax K100D...
The photos on the blog have been taken using a variety of cameras, including a cell phone. I think you can usually tell the camera phone pictures by the quality.