Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Wife the Scofflaw

Never one to be bound by "rules" or "laws," my wife threw caution to the wind and boldly parked on the street outside a local nursing school this week. As this photo clearly shows, she is in violation of the local parking ordinances. Thank heavens for the alert officer who spotted this flagrant transgression and alertly dropped a ticket on her windshield. Hang on a second. Which way is the arrow on that sign pointing? "No Parking Anytime...." Thisaway, not thataway! Would any reasonable person not come to the conclusion that, if you are parking on the non-pointy end of the arrow, you should be okay?
All sarcasm aside, she thought she was well within the Rules of Society parking where she parked. This whole thing has her flummoxed, miffed even. When I saw her, she wasn't exactly flush with anger, but her ears were a little pink. The fact that she took the time to snap photos of the crime scene with her BlackBerry should tell you everything you need to know about her reaction to this miscarriage of justice.
It's a fifteen dollar ticket. The easy thing to do would be to just pay the fine and move on. That usually would be her way, but this time she is stung by the injustice of it all. She plans to go "downtown" and press for an explanation. I've got her back on this one.

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