Saturday, March 14, 2009

Afternoon Manliness

While these pixellated cell phone photos appear to be clandestine images of some militia training compound, nothing is further from the truth. What you see, instead, is a monumental event. These are hastily captured images of my first experience with firearms. Yes, I lived almost fifty years without firing a weapon.
Today, under threat of emasculation from my friend Andrew, I tagged along with him, his son and one of his friends to a shooting facility out in the country. I am inclined to believe that calling these guys well armed would be an understatement, but I'm not sure that's true. Since I'm not really a gun guy, I have no real frame of reference on the degrees of individual armament. I know they brought along a vast array of weaponry, from handguns to old style rifles to semi-automatic assault weapons. Determined to go big and then go home, I pulled the trigger on every single one of them. Along the way, Andrew's son asked me if I was excited. Hmm. No, I wasn't. I was absolutely neutral on the whole experience. I wasn't scared. Aside from being cold out there, I was comfortable. Those guys exercised an abundance of caution, perhaps because they had an utter novice in their company.
Interestingly, it appeared that I have better aim using my left eye. Now, I have loaded and emptied guns, an everyday event for some but a milestone for me. I'm not planning to spool up and start packing heat, but I'm glad I have some experience. You never know when it might work to your benefit.

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