Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Different Kind of Broadcasting

I was offered another opportunity to be on the radio, but this experience was unlike any I have had. I was part of the pledge drive for Red River Radio, the network of regional stations affiliated with National Public Radio. I was on the air for an hour with amiable host Kermit Poling.The delivery for public radio is decidedly different from that used on your typical sports talk program. It's more laid-back and the subject matter has a tendency to be a little more highbrow.
I made what I hope seemed like heartfelt pleas for contributions. After all, Red River Radio would not be on the air without the finanical support of generous listeners like you.
It was interesting, because I assume there's very little crossover audience between this network of stations and the listeners who might have stumbled upon my little dog & pony show all the years I was on regularly. I got some nice feedback, especially from people at work, many of whom know me only in the context of my duties there. One nice man even sent me an e-mail saying I sounded "very professional." It was a nice compliment. Does that mean I get paid?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

PeeBeeEss...tellythons...oh the agony...the horror. I used to work for PBS TV in Virginia, South Carolina and Missouri. Pledge drives were like QVC-lite without as many cool gifts. Whenever a call-in pledge came in for $50, someone would ring a bell...right in the middle of my on-camera pitch. These things seemed to go on forever.... or so it seemed. I remember one weekend night where the evening's pledges were less than the overtime we had to pay the engineering staff (weekend O/T because they had to have a minimum number of techs on hand as per labor agreements ).