Saturday, August 04, 2007

Winning is Everything

(Not at Lake Travis, TX)- I celebrate the success of the Arena Football team with which I am associated. I get to go to Little Rock for the playoffs! This is the first playoff game in franchise history and I wouldn't miss it.
Unfortunately, the game is being played on the first Saturday in August, which is when my best friend, his brothers & sisters and their families gather at spectacular Lake Travis outside of Austin, TX. They always invite me, and I have been looking forward to the trip since last August. Did I mention I'm going to Little Rock?
The trip to the lake is fun for all the superficial reasons: Jet skis, water skiing, spectacular views, a hot tub at the house; but it's much more than that for me. For as long as I can remember, this family has treated me like one of their siblings. They introduce me to their friends as their "other brother" (Yes, other brother Darrell. I swear. Thanks, Bob Newhart). I can't express how that honors me and how comfortable and happy I feel when I am around them. Six brothers and sisters are spread out from Florida to Texas and they get together twice a year, at most: Christmas and the first weekend in August.
I miss those guys. I miss being around them. I am sad that I am not with them. I'm wearing a tee shirt I bought at the Shades Cafe at Lake Travis last year while looking at photos, wishing I was there. Did I mention I'm going to Little Rock?
Trust me, I'll be into the game once I get there. I will be thrilled to be there, epecially if My Team wins. Hold on. They'd better win.
There's talk of pushing the season back so that the championship game would be played the last weekend in July. I'm all for it. Where do I sign up to vote?

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