Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brush With Celebrity

(Bossier City, LA) - The film making industry has grown some roots here in north Louisiana, and plenty of Big Hollywood Stars have been spending time here. Among the familiar faces seen around town are Costner, Cruise, Bullock, Demi, Ashton, Jessica Simpson, Samuel L. Jackson; the list goes on and on. I have said on more than one occasion that it seems like I am the only person I know who has not had some brush with the famous.
So, today I had an appointment at Bossier Parish Community College. I was standing around the telecommunications division, trying to conduct a little business, when I saw something that looked suspiciously like an entourage (a posse, maybe?). Leading the charge was the school's chancellor, who despite the oppressive heat was all buttoned up in a coat and tie. This chancellor-led crowd ducked in and out of classrooms, offices and TV studios. People were obviously on best behavior. They were standing up straight, smiling and looking sharp! Often-beleagured looking instructors had their hair combed and fresh make-up on. I guess I knew intuitively that something out of the ordinary was going on, but I was distracted by my own agenda.
The bustle meandered into my general space, and suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and a smiling man about my age introduced himself, "Hello. I'm Sammy Kershaw." I said hello and introduced myself right back.
Then, some kind of pop-up action started happening in my head. I was playing free association with myself.
Sammy Kershaw: Country music.
Doug Kershaw? Cajun music/ Zydeco. Brother?
Sammy Kershaw? "Lord have mercy. Baby's got her blue jeans on!"
Ah! A Sammy Kershaw song! Hey, there goes Sammy Kershaw.
Just like that, he was out of my line of sight and I had thought more about Sammy Kershaw in that moment than I had previously, all-time. I looked him up; and I like many of his songs. I didn't know they were Sammy Kershaw songs.
I asked somebody, "Why is Sammy Kershaw here?" It turns out he's running for Lt. Governor. Who knew? He announced his candidacy a couple of months ago. The election is in October. He's stumping in Shreveport and Bossier City today.
My only question is: does this count as a celebrity encounter? Our would-be Second in Command is not a movie star, but he is a legitimate recording artist with many succesful albums. I dropped an e-mail to the only expert on such matters I know. Alexandyr Kent, the entertainment writer for the Shreveport Times, advised that on the Brush With Celebrity scale, Kershaw warrants two out of four stars.
I'll take it. I know where Jessica Simpson is staying currently. Maybe I'll hang out and go for an upgrade.

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Crazy In Shreveport said...

I don't want to disagree with Movie Blog Boy but I did some figuring and the fact that he's running for office out weighs the star thingy.

The give away was the tap on the shoulder and the introduction he gave. A singer in star mode would not have done that.

Alls I'm saying...

Darrell said...

You know, that's a good point.